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Heading into the underground hospital

What a place it would have been to have to deliver a...

Pip says goodbye to Rosie


For whatever reason, Sal and I were looking forward to getting to Mt Isa, and as we pulled in we rang ahead and found a site in a caravan park just out of town for two nights. On the whole we were pretty disappointed with the city!

Things got off to a bad start when we arrived at the 'Outback Experience' centre, thinking we'd have a cuppa and plan our attack on the next couple of days. The cafe was closed for renovations... Then we found that the water features at the free family fun park (one of the main reasons we'd decided to stay for two days) was also closed for renovations... And so on.

We did enjoy our tour of the school of the air, and especially our trip into the underground hospital - built entirely by volunteer labour after the bombing of Darwin, but thankfully never required for use.

We knew Mt Isa exist because of the mine but didn't realise how totally the city is dominated by the mine - it feels like it's in town, and it casts a certain dirty and depressing feel across the place.

The kids really enjoyed the place despite all this, mainly because the caravan park had a pool, and also because of our lovely neighbours, Bruce and Pam, who showed up on the second day with their puppy Rosie. Clearly they are thoroughly experienced grandparents and, perhaps, missing their own grand kids a little because they certainly spoilt our three!

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