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We definitely made the right decision to stay another day up here. The weather has been wonderful-70 during the day, 50 at night. We think this may be the most beautiful camping spot ever (until we hit the next one)! We rode our bikes back up 600 to the Deep Creek overlook. It's a 2300ft high carved canyon made by the Deep Creek which flows down from the lake we stopped at 2 days ago. Our ride was 6.8 miles-3.4 up and 3.4 down so we got in a good workout. Came back to the camper condo and Bill whipped up a turkey wrap sandwich. We're still amazed that we can be away from civilization for 4 days and can open the refrigerator for fresh food. Tent camping had so limited us as well as work when you knew you only had so many days before you had to head back east. Anyway,the rest of the afternoon was spent with Bill making an outdoor gym, Yukon scouting the area, and me reading and looking at the view. If we had more water, we would tempted to stay but we need to re-provision anyway. Wyoming may be next.

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