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Arrived in Paris at 7:30am. Quickly made it through immigration and customs. We all got our bags.

Managed to find our way through the airport and to the car rental.

Our only issue was figuring out the car and the cars GPS. Found the GPS but then needed to change it to English .

Found the AC and GPS in English, life is good . We are on our way to see Lilli . Yeah

So I took a little nap and left sarah to be Steve's co-pilot. When I woke up 90 minutes later she was asleep! And we were slightly off course. Not sure how it happened . As luck would have it to get back on course we were taken off the msin road by Queenie( our GPS - she has a British accent𯇬𯇧) and thru a cute little towns of st. Germaine's and Langres.

Pétanque famous gem similar to bocce in Sotheby's of France l

While walking around Mulhouse we shopped for items for dinner . I successfully was able to contribute after successfully asking for 4 croute to purchase in french

When back at the house we made an wonderful dinner. Nathalie had already prepared chicken stock from chicken and a hen and had the meat already chopped.

I then chopped some shallots , sauted them in butter, added some white wine, then the chicken, flour, mushrooms and stock. Allow to come to a boil and simmer for 30 minutes.

She cooked some egg noodles. To serve everyone got a croute and noodles. The chicken and mushrooms were placed in the croute and a not over the noodles. Omg to die for!!! So yummy!!! Magnifiquet!!!!

After the main course we had some bread and cheeses that we had purchased in town.

For desert Nathalie had made a blueberry tart to die for. We had that and some tea while sitting out back.

What a wonderful family. Fortunately for all Nathalie speaks and understands some English . The there is maruris , Lilli's 10 year old brother. What a funny boy and a jokester. He played several practical jokes on all of us. He plays "football" and was impressed with my knowledge of the game. He loved the Philly union shirt we got him.

Lilli is more beautiful and just as funny as I remember. Her and her brother have a great relationship. Her and sarah took up where they left off. Morgan who was with eve, came for dinner and stayed over.

Today we are going to visit one of the grand moms , then Colmar . Looking forward to an adventure filled day. I

Beautiful day. Croissants, baguettes jam and coffee for breakfast, then off to Colmar . Colmar is so pretty and old world. We took a small boat on this small canal and got some history of the town. One of the bridges is called the American bridge because it was one soldiers built during restoration. Made us proud to be American .

We walked around then sat at a cafe and had a pacone ( beer with citrus liqueur , thanks to joe sheridan telling me about it) yum!

We left Colmar and Nathalie took us to 2 small vineyard villages. Oh my goodness time stopped in theses villages. So beautiful. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. We were in awe of the charm and beauty.

In the second village Nathalie took us to meet her parents. She grew up with a vineyard in her backyard. Her dad owned and operated the vineyard an sold the grapes to wineries. The vineyards are still there but run by others.

Her mom gave us an amazing desert. Thank goodness we are walking a lot or we would be larger coming home𯘝

We had a wonderful day and visit with Lilli and her family. We left their home around 6 so they could have time to get ready for their own vacation. Lovely family𯘍

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