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Archer Creek camp out party

Innot hot springs - family bath

Innot hot springs - Pip just relaxin'

Innot hot springs - girls making a bath

From Sal -

We ended up at Archer Creek for the night. Alice made a new friend, the kids played baseball, Ben and I saw a neighbouring little boys nearly get squashed in between a reversing truck and the caravan it was trying to connect to (!), and we made butter chicken for dinner.

Just down the road was a bore opening at Innot. It is next to the highway and runs into the creek (stuff the wildlife, hey?!). At the opening, the water is scalding lay hot, but we found a shallow paddling spot a little downstream which was still hot, but not tooooo hot to stop us intrepid explorers from jumping in. Mmmm, it was lurvely, if not a little too public...

We returned to the springs the next day on our way out. The kids had a super time digging a bath in the sand and making inlets for the cool water and the hot water, depending on how you like your bath :)

A short drive away, we set up camp at Mount Surprise - surpriiii-iiiiise! - at Planet Earth Adventures caravan park ($10/night!). Sounds super exciting, doesn't it? It's a paddock. But hey, you can have adventure anywhere I guess.

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