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Lake Tinaroo - View from the campsite

Lake Tinaroo - lounging lakeside

Lake Tinaroo - a bit chilly!

From Sal -

We finally set off from Cairns. Really was a very comfortable and enjoyable time for all of us - hopefully the same for our rellies! Andrew, simone and the boys were such great hosts - we are happy to recommend them as their own unique destination to anyone visiting the north ;) It was a surprisingly tearful farewell to our dear dog Daph from me. I'm just so used to her being by my side at all times and always a willing hugger. No doubt she and her fellow caped crusader, Arry, will get up to a little mischief together!

We took the less windy road to begin our trek across to Normanton. That meant we went through Kuranda again, which also meant we HAD to stop at the homemade ice cream kiosk again - hooray!

Uncle Andrew R had suggested we camp out at a private site run by the pressies near Atherton, beside Lake Tinaroo. After speaking to our people, who spoke to their people, who spoke to their people's people, we were granted access to the site. We got the secret security code for the gate and stealth drove in...

What a gorgeous spot it was! We parked in the bush land and next to the lake. Ducks swimming, water lapping, breeze blowing gently through the tall gums, and the wide expanse of the lake before us. It was relaxing sitting by the shore sipping tea and hot chocolate then skimming rocks as the sun set.

After feasting on Ben's masterful cooking of tomatoes, beans and rice, I was the first to fall asleep while he read the first of our travel book series, Narnia - The Magician's Nephew. The kids are loving it and Ben normally ends up reading for at least an hour. Needless to say, bedtime for the kids has not been remotely close to the usual 7pm.

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