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Not much to report tonight, which will please some of you, I'm sure. It was another transition day today. We left Lisieux for Falaise in search of a pattisserie that we were told was must but when we got there we found that it was closed on Mondays. C'est la vie!, so we settled for the next best and had several fruit tarts. Didn't spend a lot of time in Falaise, the birthplace of William the Conquerer, but it was sobering again to read that after not having any damage done to the town since the 16th century, the place was almost completely destroyed in WW2. This whole area obviously took a huge pounding.

On then in search of a foie gras producer. We drove through some more of the delightful country that I mentioned the other day along single lane roads that required us and other vehicles to back up as we found each other head to head. We found the farm in a village of about 2 houses in Notre-Dame-de-Fresnay. The farm is run organically and produces duck, goose and chicken products. Unfortunately, this is seasonal and the high time is in August and September when the ducks and geese are force fed for 4 weeks or so before the livers are 'harvested'. So all we saw were the animals out in the fields and some of the equipment us in the process. There was the inevitable shop and a few tins of Mousse de Foie de Cannard and Rillettes pur Canard were bought. Should be interesting.

We then drove to Rouen on the Seine and have done little else other than book into the hotel and walk into the centre of town for a relatively light dinner - we are all starting to feel the strain.

French customs comment time. I mentioned how the pattisserie was closed today, this seems to be a common practice with many shops but I think it was compounded by the fact that yesterday was Bastille Day and they had today off in lieu (good Aussie style).

Lastly, the length of the days here is hard to get used to. Tonight, for example, we were walking back from the city centre at 10pm in quite acceptable daylight. It means that we seem to be getting to bed later and later with consequences i the morning. Therefore, I must go.

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