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So while at Emigrant Springs campground I got to be friends with the ranger and her assistant. They asked if I wanted to join them on a day trip to Hells Canyon for a jet-boat ride and to see petroglyphs and big-horn sheep. Their co-worker also joined us for what would be an adventurous day. Three of us drove down to pick up the ranger who was kind enough to let Buddy stay in her yard for the day. When she entered the vehicle she was holding a curling iron. My first thought was “my hair is 1/4” long, I don't think it's for me”. She went on to explain that if she left it at home she would wonder if it was plugged in all day. Interesting insurance policy, I'm just glad she has a built-in oven!

There was a lot of driving involved as we were gone for close to 15 hours in total. The lady's pointed out all the sites along the way and we stopped to rest and stretch a few times. I even had a flashback to my childhood as we drove behind a working “bookmobile”. No luck spotting the home milk delivery man.

The “jet-boat” ride turned out to be a lesson in marketing bs. It should have been called a “jet-less” boat ride as it didn't go all that fast and the petroglyphs and sheep were never to be seen. Instead they gave a tour through an alleged pioneer cabin which included a trail lined with poison-ivy – where's a good personal attorney when you need one.

The day ended with a tour and dinner near Wallowa Lake and then a quest to find an open gas station which was much harder than expected but we survived. Although the boat ride was technically a bummer, we all had a great day filled with laughs. It would be nice to meet up with this fun trio of ladies (and one curling iron) in the future.

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