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It's paradise here!!!! Sunny, beaches, warm whether, parties, drinking, etc... Ibiza is the clubbing capital of the world.

When we arrived it was pretty late at night so we walked around a little bit then decided to call it a night, a long day at the airport in Madrid. After getting back to the room we couldnt really fall asleep so we decided to go to a club on our first night here. The club was alright but not what we were expecting from Ibiza, pretty dead inside. We stayed for a couple hours then decided to actually call it a night around 5am.

After waking up kinda late from partying last night, we decided to walk around a bit. Ate at the Hard Rock, which opened up only a month ago. I had to get a t shirt for my collection. Afterwards we walked around a bit more, checked out the port where all of the nice yachts are...kind of jealous, and walked around where the shops are.

Tonight we plan on going to a better club to see Sidney Samson - most of you probably dont know who he is.

Hoping for a fun night!!


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