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On The Road Again!

Our campsite at Over-Nite RV Park

Mayfield Dairy

The mural on the side of the dairy building

A little history

If you live in yellow or green, you're lucky! Mayfield's areas.

This is how it gets in that box!

Bob with his hair and beard nets on. We had to wear...

I really like buildings decorated with murals.

Just a little saying.

Today's journey was a really short one. Only one stop and that was at a rest area to get my daily geocache and to visit the "little room". Pulled into the Over-Nite RV Park around 1:45 p.m. We're going to stay here for a week since our next stop only honors Passport America (50% off regular rate) from Sunday through Wednesday. It's an okay park. Nothing spectacular ... but then again, when have we ever stayed in a "spectacular" park?? There are only 3 sites for short-term stays. Most of the people here work in the the power plant or in Oak Ridge.

Oh, by the way, if anyone is interested in moving to Tennessee, the campground AND the house is for sale! Check out their website.

While we were in Ft. Payne,I ordered a new fender to be delivered to my brother's in Ohio but after thinking about it, I'm going to see if I can have it sent to one of our stops along the way that's going to be at a campground right behind an RV repair place. The fender isn't really hard to put on but I think a piece of molding is missing, too. If so, they'll have a piece to replace it at the shop.


Bob wasn't feeling well today so I ended up going to the Sweetwater Flea Market alone. Very big flea market; very clean flea market. No food stands in the market but some produce stands were set up outside. Saw lots of stuff I'd LIKE to have but thankfully we live in an RV where room is at a premium so I just looked. I did buy a grease splatter screen to put on the pan when frying stuff, some neat mesh screens to put in the drain holes in the sinks and a harness for Nellie. I don't really like the harness so that'll go back next Saturday. There were two fantastic hardware stands (I love hardware stores) and I did buy a pair of hemostats to put in my geo-bag. They'll be useful to remove the logs when they're jammed into a container. I have tweezers but sometimes they just aren't long enough.

We also want to take a dairy tour while we're here. No cows but just the milk processing part of the deal.


Today was "Visit the Dairy" day and what a neat tour it was. We went to the Mayfield Dairy about 8 miles from the campground and, after donning our hair and beard nets (well, I didn't need the beard one but Bob did), we got to see how milk and ice cream and other dairy products are processed once the milk reaches the dairy. I really like factory tours and wish there were more of them.

Mayfield makes their own yellow milk containers and they also process milk for other labels. They use the yellow containers because they feel the colored containers help keep the nutrients in the milk. And, after the tour, we all got a free ice cream!!

When we got back to the campground, I called to see if we could stay an additional 3 days because we can't get to our next stop until Monday. Unfortunately, they have no room so I had to scramble to find a campground to go to tomorrow. Was lucky enough to find a spot at a campground about 30 miles north of here where we stayed in 2011. SO, we hit the road tomorrow for Lenoir City.

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