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Excited to reunite after a few days apart, the little cousins quickly...

Motorama at Pixar!

Autotopia racers

Uncle Jonas shows us his new office

Smart car graffiti!

William liked this too

Robby's dragon

Love this pic

We had the BEST day yet this year with our special Auntie Mich, Uncle Jonas, Elsa, Ava and William. The day began with playing in their backyard, climbing trees and rolling on the grass. Then we headed to Pixar for the annual Motorama where we were greeted by the Monsters University gate. Car favorites were VW camper vans old and new, the Disneyland Autotopia race car, and the specially finished Smart Car, just for visitors to draw on. We ate delicious hot dogs, soft serve ice cream and kettle corn too. Plus, we got a special tour of Uncle Jonas' new office and said hi and congrats to Monsters Director Pete Doctor.

The day progressed with a stop at Toys R Us to fill a piñata, a scooter to the park where more tree climbing occurred as well as head standing and back bending. Dinner was delicious, the piñata a hit, and finally some old Donald Duck cartoons brought the day to a close. Driving away was very sad, especially after the most delicious breakfast at the Elsa Cafe and an engaging music jam session led by Uncle Jonas on electric guitar. Xoxo

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