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Mont-Saint-Michel from the causeway

Mont-Saint-Michel from the causeway

Today we visited Mont-Saint-Michel with its abbey perched 80m asl. The abbey dominates the skyline but there are other buildings around the base a number of which are given over to commercial interests but once through a concentrated area, the rest of the island is unaffected.

The bay has been silting up over many years and there is a huge project under way to improve the situation. This has been caused in part by the causeway preventing water flowing from the main river and clearing the silt away. The works involves removing the old causeway and car park, building a bridge, dredging the bay, and building sluice gates to control the water flow.

As a result of this work, which is not due to be finished for a couple of years, we parked in the new car park and took the shuttle bus to the island. We struck it lucky as there is a strike of some sort on and those who collect the entry fee to the abbey were absent so we took the self-guided tour at no cost.

It's hard to comprehend the age of these places, it is thought that the history of the island dates back to 708 when a sanctuary was built on the island but in the 10th century, the Benedictines settled in the abbey. The abbey was extended over the years and military fortifications built that resisted allassaults from the english. During the 18th and 19th century, the abbey was used as a prison ut in 1874 it was classified as an historic monument and significant restoration work began and continues to this day. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

After leaving Mont-Saint-Michel, we went searching for a beach so the children could have a play. We found one, but unfortunately, the tide was out and the water was about a kilometre away. Still, they had a good time playing in the sand while we found a bar nearby with a TV set and over a beer, we watched the last 20km of stage 13, another win for Cav. This is what I'd imagined would be happening all over France, people sitting in bars watching the Tour, but it would appear that this is not the case and when I actually find one, the only other people in the bar were 3 poms!!!We didn't speak to them for fear that they would bring up Cav, Froome and the cricket.

Home for a bbq dinner for our last night at the chateau. It's off into the great unknown tomorrow, we don't have anything booked from now until the 19th in Paris.

Stay tuned.

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