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Is it the Willamette Valley or Champlain Valley?

Another New-Englandy-looking scene

Covered bridge!

The river is right across the driveway

From Astoria we drove 240 miles south along the Willamette Valley to Westfir, at the southern tip of the valley. What impressed us most about the Willamette Valley is how much like New England it looked. Red barns, hills in the background, maybe a little drier than New England. It even has a few covered bridges! The floor of the valley is much wider and flatter than any place in New England, however.

The campground gets some sun which we are happy with. The forest is very thick so as we drove in we were concerned that it might be dark and cool. But it is open enough that we will get plenty of sunshine. The temperature is in the 80's, a welcome change from the 50's and 60's of the coast.

We are camped on the bank of the upper Willamette River. It is a small but swift river here, only about 50 feet across. This is very rural and we are on the border of a national forest. We have seen fly fishermen and rafters on the water, and it is a nice spot.

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