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While waiting for everyone to get ready this morning, Gina and I went for a walk along some country roads near the chateau. The scenes are quite idyllic with cattle grazing in the pastures, abundant wheat and corn crops, copses of oak and chestnut trees but most notable are the wildflowers along the roadside. There are storksbills, clovers of different colours, other legumes, foxgloves, poppies, dandelions, and a multitude of others that I don't know that make a great colourful picture as you wander along.

We headed off for Dinan, about a 30 minute drive away, in late morning and had lunch in the harbour on the Rance River soon after arriving. After eating, again, we walked up into the old wall city. The ramparts around Dinan were constructed from the late 13th century on. It continued as a military town untilminto the 20th century. The city was not as commercial as Carcassonne but then the city walls are not as spectacular. It obviously attracts many touists but it also operates as the commercial capital for the region.

The viaduct that provides an upper level access to the city was built in 1852.

We had a minor incident soon after reaching to centre of the city when one of the girls (4 years old) tripped and cut her chin. After a visit to the pharmacy, Gina and others effected some running repairs but by the endof the day, it was decided that more attention was nedded and Andrew and Simone took her back into Dinan where she had 4 stitches put in her chin.

Eventually, we all got together and had a BBQ dinner and many reds.

Speaking of reds, not a sign of a screw top anywhere, even on the 2 euro bottles, which incidentally are very palatable, they all have corks.

I'm not going to give anymore weather reports until things change for fear of inducing depression in those in the southern states.

No TDF experience today and it's ironical that I'm seeing less of the Tour over here than I would if I was at home. There is no TV in the chateau and no screens in bars and cafes that I have seen but the live experiences outweigh this.

It's getting late, must go.

Photos of Dinan tomorrow.

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