Larry & Cheryl's 2013 Travels travel blog

Time for a carpet cleaning

Friend Eric busy cleaning our carpet

Larry hanging with his friend Robert at the lodge

Mama and Cheryl together on Mother's Day

Sisters Missy & Juli

Cheryl & sister Laurel

Dad snuggling with brother Jaime

We are traveling back and forth and went back to Garden Grove for one last time before taking off for our summer travels. Our friend Eric and his brother have a carpet cleaning business and we had scheduled him to come to our rig. It was past due for a cleaning and he did a great job.

Larry’s friend Robert really misses Larry when we are gone traveling, so they spent some “quality time” hanging out, working on computers, playing computer games in the lodge over a cold beer.

We gathered for Mother’s Day at my sister’s house. Dad was walking more steadily now since his hip surgery and proud of his accomplishments at Physical Therapy. He tires easily, especially when he’s around a crowd of family members. We snapped some photos, and took a sweet one of my brother cuddling with Dad.

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