Larry & Cheryl's 2013 Travels travel blog

Leaving the valley, heading to Banning

Coachella Valley surrounding mountains.

Ahead is our start up the mountain to Silent Valley

We had gorgeous sunsets

. . . and it got flaming red

Our campsite

One of our friendly neighbors

This neighbor was chatty

Hmmmm . . . this looks good

The female Mallard was hungry

The male was shy but finally came forward

He didn't like to come very close


What a handsome fellow

Visiting with friends Tom & Donna

My "winnings" from the Card Bingo game with our Alpenlite Travel group.

On April 1st we moved from Indio up to the mountains to Silent Valley to save a little money and to visit with friends that were going to be camping there. We love Indio and could have stayed longer, with great weather, but it was time for the big music festivals to hit the area. Even though the venues are miles away, you can still hear it. The resort fills with non traditional, younger campers in rental units that want to party when they return from the music festivals. We were there last year during the music festivals, and didn’t care to do it again.

We had daily visitors at Silent Valley that would walk past quacking. At first they were a little shy, but after a few days of offering them bread, they began to eat from our hands. They were one of the several Mallard couples in the park. I’m sure they will be laying eggs soon, which happens about this time of year. The female was more aggressively going for the food, so maybe she was preparing for motherhood.

We drove down to Garden Grove one day because the other tool box, a tailgate 5th wheel box (shorter), that Larry had ordered online, had arrived at my parents house. I got to visit my folks as Larry took the box over to a friend’s house to have him help install it. So we’re all set.

We visited with several friends: Putmans, Walsh’s, Kichlines, Williamsons and many others. It’s nice to be able to visit with friends that we made up here at our membership campground.

Two days we drove down the mountain, back to Palm Springs to visit with our Alpenlite Travel group who were having a multiple chapter campout at a lovely RV resort. One night after the pot luck dinner they played Card Bingo and Cheryl had beginners luck and was the big winner for the night.

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