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Walking around the Marriott grounds

Flamingos and rare Ducks in the Marriott pond

The Marriott has a rare bird display in the lobby

African Grey Parrots

Lovebirds "kissing"

Regal Red Parrot

This green on was camera shy




Tucan like on the Fruit Loops box

Frank & Linda enjoying Jackalope Ranch

Game night on their patio

View of the San Jacinto Mtns from their resort patio

Chuck & Larry, Navy buddies from the USS Yorktown

We got a surprise phone call from our Missoula friends (originally from So Cal) saying they were going to be in So Cal this week, first in Palm Springs then visiting family in Huntington Beach. So we got to spend time with them in between their golf games at their time share.

We lunched together and then did a little touring of the area. Their golf resort was across from the JC Marriot, so we walked around the hotel grounds enjoying the pond with the unusual ducks and flamingos, and inside the lobby viewing all their exotic birds in cages. There were many varieties of Parrots and love birds, and even a Tucan (you know, like on the Fruit Loops box).

After a short happy hour at Jackalope Ranch (our 3rd time) , we spent the evening playing dominos on their patio and enjoying a lovely sunset view of the San Jacinto Mountains.

Then today we met Larry’s shipmate Chuck and his wife Linda at Jackalope Ranch (again) for happy hour food and more Navy stories of the USS Yorktown. They were a fun couple and the guys really hit it off after all these years apart.

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