Larry & Cheryl's 2013 Travels travel blog

Mike & Larry at Jackalope Ranch

Cheryl & Connie enjoying happy hour

Eagle sculpture by the waterfall

View of the outside bar seating

Babe and Cheryl

Hanging out with Mike & Connie, Domino night outside on their patio

Our campsite at Indian Waters Resort

Gidget likes sleeping in the cool grass

Our "spooky" misty moon night

We were just enjoying the resort, using the facilities (workout room, Pickleball lessons, water aerobics) making friends with our neighbors. Even found a couple that was going to Alaska this year and when we shared our little photo book of Alaska they realized that they had seen our Trip Journal photos from our 2009 Alaska trip. What a coincidence!

I received ongoing updates on my Dad’s recovery at home and his accomplishments at Physical Therapy. And we hung out with Mike & Connie at their place or ours. We had wonderful sunsets and one night a huge moon that had spooky Halloween type wispy clouds surrounding it.

The other day Larry was tired of waiting for his Navy shipmate Chuck Garland to find time for him, so he just took off and went to his office to surprise him. They ended up going to lunch and catching up with each other. He made a date to meet us at Jackalope Ranch for happy hour with his wife later in the week.

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