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Having fun at the resort, singing Karaoke

Happy St Paddy's Day

Out front of Jackalope Ranch

Beautiful, peaceful landscape

Jackalope Ranch residents greeting the guests

We celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at the resort with a Karaoke Party in the clubhouse. We could tell by the camaraderie in the room that these people have been here a while and have become good friends. There was good humored teasing and lots of fun as we joined in singing a few songs.

We discovered a treasure in Indio and enjoyed going there a couple of times. In the past I had seen a sign on the outside gate of a secluded place (lots of trees along the street) on Hwy 111 saying “Best Happy Hour in the Valley”. Well, we just HAD to check this out, it is “Jackalope Ranch”.

If you arrive early enough, you get great seats on the patio facing the rock formations with waterfalls and lovely landscape. There were even a few ducks in the water and walking around the lawn. There were huge pig statues out front because this restaurant was originally built to be a place called “Babes” (I guess like Babe the Pig Movie).

The sign was true - great food and atmosphere, great staff and happy hour prices. The place got packed and by the time we left there was a huge line waiting to get in. We'll definitely be back.

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