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What We First Saw at the Tidal Bore

As the Tidal Bore Starts Coming In

Coming In...............

Coming In.................

Coming In.....................

Coming In...................

Coming In.....................

Tidal Bore Covered the Land

Rafters on Tidal Bore

Merlin at the Maritime Museum

Uncle Jim Presented Award for Seeing the First Moose

Today we drove to Wild Open Wilderness Campground in Urbania, NS to see the Tital Bore. We left at 7:15 AM because the Tital Bore was to come in anywhere around 8:30 to 9:30 and it was a 50 mile drive. We drove way down around in this campground where the owner had built a platform that we could look out over the river. Many rivers in the upper part of the Bay have tidal bores but, unless you're a local, you may have trouble finding them. We are lucky to have a Wagonmaster who knows the locals and finds the best place to go to see the unusual. After waiting a little while, we finally heard it coming and in a matter of 15 minutes this river, with a large dry area in the middle, had reversed direction and was covered with water that was forming rapids. A tidal bore is the outflowing of a river flowing back upstream as the tide comes in. It kind of looks like a mini tsunami and happens twice a day. The actual rapids of a tital bore are between 10 and 12 feet, which is really pretty cool. There were motorized rubber rafts out there with 6 to 8 people riding the rapids.

Then Doug and I went back to downtown Halifax to go to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic that is right on the waterfront. It has several exhibits that explore historical events and topics such as the sinking of the Titanic, the Halifax explosion, the many shipwrecks and their treasures found. They had a map of where all the ships went down in the ocean in the area, there were many large scale model ships, a couple of movies and much much more. We also saw Merlin, that is a Rainbow Macaw. He was very amusing. He is on a live webcam at: www.novascotiawebcams.com

At 7 PM we all met at the reck hall for a meal with everyone taking a dish to pass and Yankee RV provided sloppy joes. Uncle Jim was presented the reward for seeing the first moose and each couple was presented a laminated picture of the group that was taken at the ferry dock.

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