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Lisa & Shelby saying good-bye to Jennifer

Tight squeeze for the first night on the road

Thinking that we were not traveling far today, we spent a leisurely morning at the Peterson's. Jenn, Lisa and Oma spent some time picking currants for jelly. We ended up with about 4 pounds of currants and Jennifer decided that she was going to take on the jelly making. We can't wait to taste it. We left Southbury at about 2:00, heading west on Rt 84 to New York. We had not been able to reserve a campsite for tonight because of the holiday weekend, every place wanted a three night minimum. So we had decided to spend our first night on the road dry camping at a Wal-Mart in Bloomsburg, PA. We were not looking forward to this, considering the temperatures were already in the 90 degree range. Once on the road we decided to call some of the KOAs thinking that if they did not fill up for the weekend, they might consider taking us in for just one night. The first place didn't have any openings, but the second one did, however, it meant that we would be traveling a bit farther today than we had planned. After a restful couple of days at the Peterson's we decided we were up for a little longer travel day, so made and paid for the reservation. Not long after making that commitment, we ran into stopped traffic, where we inched along for the next 45 minutes. Before we knew it, we had been on the road for an hour and a half and we were not even out of CT, UGH! It was going to be a late night, thank goodness for the longer days of summer. As 7:30 approached and we still had another hour of driving, we decided we better stop for gas, which just delayed our arrival. As the sun was setting we pulled into the KOA at Bellefonte, PA. It was a very crowded campground, and our site was squeezed between two other sites that had big rigs and trucks. Yikes, this was tricky, but George managed to back our camper in, but then there was a tree in the way of the slider. Check out the photo. The site was narrow and tight, so we had to pull out so we could open the sliders. By the time we were set up it was 9:30 and dark, Not a great way to start our trip, but at least we had air conditioning and it was only for one night.

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