Ginger and Ed's Alaska Trip 2013 travel blog

Nisutlin Bay Bridge - Longest water span on the Alaskan Highwy

Ginger and Ginger fishing

Float Plane taking off on the Yukon River


Original wooden bridge




New York friends basking in the sun

Ed in Kluane Lake testing the waters

Ed with frozen toes getting out of the water


WAHOO! We made it!

Have we really come this far from Texas?




Gold Dredge #8

Another shot of the old placer mine

Panning for gold




Read the sign closely


4th of July Celebration Begins


University of Alaska Museum of the North


Ed standing on Denali??

Riverboat Discovery 3

Riverboat Discovery 1

Susan Butcher's Home and Dogs

Iditarod Dogs in Action


Atabascan Hand Made Coat

Look closely at the flowers

Friendly Moose


Float Plane sits outside the house

We are traveling along some beautiful landscape. Wild open skies. Ginger and I found a good fishing hole on the Yukon River. Quiet and beautiful. Then we were entertained with a Float plane taxing down the river to turn around and take off. Cool.

We traveled along and stopped at the Delta Junction Visitors Center where our TrekMaster had pre-arranged for each of us to receive an Alaska Highway Completion Certificate. End of the Alaska Highway! What an amazing feat of work. After they reworked it there were 35 miles less as a result of straightening it out some. Also along the way, we were aware of wildfires. None that caused any concern for us but the smoke hangs on and you are aware of the dangers.

Our favorite campground and stop over was at the Kluane Lake. Right there on the beautiful, smooth, blue water. Ed wanted a swim. I suggest he test the water first. One toe in and out he came - like numb! Yes, like freezing cold. But of so beautiful.

We finally got to Alaska and that was great! Believe it. We were going to try for a glimpse of Denali, and the Alaska Range. You must have a clear and cloudless day as it is 125 miles away. But due to clouds and smoke in the air that did not happen.

July 3 We went to get an up-close view and informative talk about the 800 mile Aleyska Pipeline. Check out the sign Ed is standing by. Read it. All the guys thought that was worth a picture. Ginger of course had to hold the pipeline up with her hands!

Then we took a narrative train ride on the Tanana Railroad thru a permafrost tunnel at the Gold Dredge 8. A fiddler and everyone in appropriate costume of the era made it fun as they gave us the history on the Alaska mining and placer methods. But now the real fun as they gave us a bag and led us to the sluice box where we learned how to pan for gold! Ginger struck it rich with $42 and Ed a $12 strike. Combing that gold landed Ginger a very lovely necklace and earing set. Ed, well, he's not so rich anymore!

July 4 - God Bless America Another busy day. The caravan party group decided to get started outside our door about 10:30 so not much to do but join the party. Big cookout. Then the University of Alaska Museum of the North tour. A real nice museum. Ed spotted more gold and is this him standing on Denali?

For dinner we headed over to the Alaska Land Pioneer theme park. This is where they have the famous all you can eat buffet: salmon, cod, prime rib, beans, salad bar, blueberry cake and drinks. Ed had the salmon and I had the cod but they also special feature crab legs, so I had that too! Nothing was bad about any of it!

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