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Parking room only at Guthalungra

Teeth brushing at Guthalungra before hitting the road - the Bruce Highway...

Making our way above Cairns in the skyrail, and into the clouds

Having fun with cousins despite the cloud and rain

The cloud clears for a view of the spectacular Barron Falls

Floating over the Barron River

Sal and Alice follow close behind

Butterfly aviary at Kuranda

ALWAYS expect the unexpected ...

... or else ...


Last night was our third night in Cairns after pulling in on Tuesday night. We've been staying with Andrew (my brother) and Simone, and their boys Nathan, Joel and Micah (not to mention Arry the dog who Daphne was pretty happy to see. This is actually where Daphne is staying for the next 6 months as we continue our trip.)

Since the last entry we took a couple more days to get here, spending two more nights camped by the Bruce Highway, firstly at Yaamba, just north of Rockhampton, and then at a really nice rest stop at Guthalungra, south of Townsville. The rest stops always fill up pretty quickly with caravans once three or four o'clock rolls around.

We enjoyed taking in the scenery as we headed north - paddock after paddock of sugar cane, more and more of it being harvested the further north we got, as well as mountains and forest. Apart form Townsville, everywhere was pretty green.

After a pretty laid back day at home on Wednesday, we headed for Kuranda on the skyrail yesterday. The day was a little overcast with some low-hanging cloud over the mountains so our view was quite obscured at points but we still had some great views of the Barron Gorge, and enjoyed the experience. We spent a few hours wandering around at Kuranda and paid a visit to the butterfly aviary there.

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