What I did on my holidays - 2005/6 travel blog

The surrounding scenery

The rains held off (mostly) for a day and I travelled north on the road to Lhasa, as far as Deqin. This was a spectacular road, mostly above 4000m, crossing mountain passes and clinging to mountainsides. The villages are predominantly Tibetan in style and high up on hillsides are improbable patches of cultivated green.

There's not much to do in Deqin: the journey is the reason for coming here. That and the fact that there are hardly any tourists here (no, really). The main thing to do is to walk to a viewpoint over the nearby mountains and glacier, but at this time of year it's too cloudy to see much.

But it's a pleasant place with a nice Tibetan guesthouse, lots of cute, scruffy dogs, and local Tibetans who spontaneously perform traditional music, song and dance in the middle of the main traffic intersection on a Saturday night.

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