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24TH – 26TH June, 2013

Not a lot happening this week apart from a three hour wait at Tully Hospital. Don’t worry I’m not dropping off the twig……….just yet anyway.

Rob has been fishing most afternoons and looking after me in the mornings. He’s been great, cooking the meals and doing the washing. Think I will hang on to him for a bit longer, what do you reckon?

One of the highlights of the last couple of days was actually at night.

Thousands and thousands of bats all flying west over the park. Rob was talking to the manager and he said it was a regular occurrence but what he found strange is that you never see them coming back……………….was he taking the micky …… Hmmmm

Now it’s Friday and feeling a bit better so decided to go out to Tully Gorge.

This is where the banana plantations are. They are all along both sides of the road and fruiting beautifully.

Seems the cane plantations are to the East of the Bruce Highway and the bananas to the West.

We went right to the end of the gorge, well as far as they will let you go. There is a power station there right on the side of the Tully River. The Kerelya Hydro.

The only thing that spoils the scenery is the high tension power lines.

The gorge is very deep with quite high mountains on either side which are heavily timbered and when you look up you see the clouds coming over the top, it really is very nice.

This river is also where they do the white water rafting, Rob did it many years ago……now why doesn’t that surprise me, he will give anything a go this bloke.

We followed the track DOWN to the river and it certainly was worth the trek (trek for me, for the others it was a stroll in the park).

The rapids sure do run quickly and the water looks very cold although we didn’t get close enough to feel it.

On our way back to Tully we stopped and did another walk down another track and at the bottom there was a fairly large group having their lunch and by the looks of them they were either getting ready to go or just back from rafting.

There is a nice little waterfall across the other side of the river.

Think I am paying for my endeavours today so it was back to the van, after a stop in Tully for a pie for lunch and a grandma nap which will hopefully let me catch up on some much needed sleep.

If you are an avid reader you might have heard of Peter Watt, he wrote a book called Cry of the Curlew, I think he must have stayed at Googarra Van Park. Talk about evening and midnight choruses AND right outside the door.

Clap your hands and all they do is stand still just like when we were kids playing statues. There’s nothing much you can do about it so might invest in some ear plugs. At least Rob doesn’t have that problem, he just takes his “ears” out and he will sleep through anything.

27th June – 1st July 2013

I left it a tad too long to seek medical intervention it seems.

I landed in Tully Hospital again on Saturday and got admitted this time.

They still weren’t sure what was going on so I got transferred to Cairns Base Hospital.

No ambulances available so Rob ended up taking me, along with a little blue esky full of blood samples, mine and other peoples, and a letter.

Approximately 200ks later arrived in Cairns and I tell you what, you couldn’t have asked for better service. Presented the little blue esky and the MAGIC letter and I jumped to the head of the queue.

Within 10 minutes I had been seen, given some morphine for the pain and a CT scan ordered which was done in double quick time.

Was up in the surgical ward within an hour of arrival. How’s that for service.

I did ask “why the surgical ward?” and they said that I could end up being a surgical patient so better to be there in the first place.

Spent a very uncomfortable night, being woken every two hours for obs and medication but thankfully it worked because today I am home again. Seems like the dreaded scalpel has been thwarted again.

Now it’s ….take it easy…..plenty of rest…..take these pills……drink plenty of fluids (gee would be good if I drank alcohol) and go back to the hospital in Tully at the first sign of increasing pain.

This afternoon Greg and Caz made some lovely BLUEberry muffins and some GNOME muffins.

Thankyou both for your thoughtfulness.

Greg was telling us that he found where the bats “hang out” in daylight hours, just across the road so we might go and have a look tomorrow, won’t be getting too close though, that’s what the zoom lens on the camera is for.

If I am feeling better tomorrow we might go for a drive. I still haven’t been out to Tully Heads, they tell me it’s really nice.

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