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The planter that John and Garwin built, with plants that need trimming...

This bird was perched on a piling beside the boat

Morena, grazing on the property. She is 17 months old, today..

Diamond Lil, still our home, after 8 years

Poncho was born on the boat and this is her favorite place...

The front of the property

Looking back from the boat

DL and our skiff.

The Captain, playing video games

Theodore, 10 months old

Walking Morena to town. This is a beautiful walk, along the sea.

This was before our trip to Canada

The months whiz by and I rarely make the time to update everyone via this website. If you're on Facebook, look me up - I post many more photos there.

I am grateful for many things in my life, but having so much free time is near the top of the list. Still, as much free time as I have, there is so much to do that I still don't feel like I ever have enough.

Our morning begins around 5:30 or 6:00. Sleeping on the water, with an open hatch above our heads, means that we feel and hear morning arrive before we open our eyes. Boat traffic increases. The water becomes more choppy. Dogs bark more. We hear the sound of Darcy, across the canal, pulling up to the dock outside his little tienda in his skiff. We hear the sound of his many guard dogs barking. They have been loose in his fenced compound during the night, guarding his store and he has arrived to put them in their kennels for the day. He doesn't open right away but he turns on his music and it wafts across the water to our boat.

John is usually out of bed first. He unlocks our back door and slides it open. It's noisy and Morena whinnies as soon as she hears it. It's comforting to me, lying half awake in bed, to hear her, because I know she is safe and sound.

John steps down onto the aft deck and fills the kettle for our coffee from the 5 gallon jug of drinking water that we keep out there. There is no room in the boat for something that large.

While the kettle boils and I pretend that I'm still asleep, John walks out to see the animals. I feel guilty but too cozy to be the first out, usually. I drift back off to sleep, despite the clackety dories passing by not far from my head and the barking dogs, for these are the sounds of my life.

I feel the motion of John stepping back on to the boat and hear and smell him make the coffee. Honduran coffee trumps sleep at this point, and I wander out.

I step out on shore and give Morena her breakfast of Omalina horse chow and say good morning. Then it's back to the boat for coffee and internet. After a while, I put on the kettle for the second cup of coffee and while it boils, I make the bed, shower and get dressed. We enjoy our second cup of steamy Honduran coffee, check our messages and enjoy the coolest part of the day.

After coffee #2 it's outside for me. I put on Morena's halter, tie her to the fence outside her stall and groom her. Four times a week - on Monday,Wednesday,Friday, and Saturday - we get town water until 11 am. So it's time to water the many plants.

Two hoses joined together reach all around our property, to the boat, to the empty lot next door and to Miss Jessie's place. So I water my plants, which are spread out over our property and the empty lot next door, and then I water Miss Jessie's. It takes about an hour and I love it. It's so hot by this time that I wear a hat and long-sleeved shirt, or at least I try to. Some of the plants are in full sun, and need a lot of water, so I position the hose at the base of the plant and duck into the shade while it gets watered. I spray all the leaves on every plant, to rid them of the salt spray that covers everything. Morena follows me around while I water the plants.

When I open Miss Jessie's gate, Morena follows me in to her yard. She rolls in her favorite spot, then grazes while I water the plants. When I'm done watering and go home, I leave her there for the day. Miss Jessie is thrilled to never have to hire a man to "chop" her lot. Most people don't use lawnmowers here. They just hire a man with a machete to chop their grass and weeds. But, Morena does this and Miss Jessie loves her company.

By now it's about 9 am and by this time I need my second shower of the day. My shirt is soaking wet and plastered to my skin, so I shower and change, perhaps have some breakfast, or at least a cold iced tea.

Now, I must decide what to do. It's easy to stay outside - raking, weeding, pruning and planting. It's also easy to sit beside my fan and play computer games. It's not so easy to walk down to my office and work on my latest book, but my conscience makes me do it, once in a while.

I should clean the boat - it's a mess. There are power tools everywhere, left from John's constant projects. I whine and ask him to put them away, but no, there is another project, so why put them away. AHHHHH. So, I ignore the piles of man-stuff and retreat to either my uncluttered, peaceful office or outside, to my plants.

Time passes by. John is a man of few words. Usually the next thing he says to me is "What do you want to do for lunch?"

I'll joke and reply, "Chinese take-out" or "Let's order in." Not really funny, because of course we can't do either here. The closest thing to take out is either a fried chicken dinner or a baleada from across the harbour, but I'm trying to lose weight, in order to ride Morena next March, so that just won't do.

Between our thriving social life, my horse and my growing garden, I rarely find time any more to work on book #3. But, it's time to get back to pursuing this goal.

Do we own this property yet, you ask? Well, no, but we are eternally hopeful. It should be any day now - it's been over a year since our offer was accepted and almost a year since we moved here. On October 1st, it will be one year.

We can't get permits from the municipality to build our dock, our wall around the property, or our house yet, so we plug away at the jobs we can do and wait patiently. When we sign the papers, I'll be sure to make the time to share the news!

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