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Finally away! 2 pm, Tuesday 25th June

With Chris and Ros Jewell. Will is most definitely in a "I...

Farm tour: what on earth lives in here...?

Three of the girls on the red quad bike with Daphne doing...

Will in complete control

The emergency waiting room at Maryborough Base Hospital was no more inspiring...

True to her name, Philippa is our 'lover of horses'

Alice tries her hand at slashing - she did do some steering...

Gotta have your marshmallow roasting stick ready

A spot of fishing anyone?

Two pm, Tuesday 25th June, and we're away. About 30 hours after we'd planned but hey, what's 30 hours when you've got six months?!

Three days later, we are still alive, just out of range for our technological devices (probably a taste of what's to come over the next few months), so struggling to update this journal.

We've been having a wonderful time, being spoilt rotten by Chris and Ros Jewell, friends from our Cunnamulla days who we haven't spent signiicant time with in over ten years.

They've retired to a property about halfway between Maryborough and Biggenden, four hours north of Brisbane. About a year ago we had a chance meeting and they invited us to come and stay some time, for as long as we wanted, with the promise of lots of fun stuff to do.

Well it certainy hasn't failed to deliver, and we've contemplated spending the six months here ... though perhaps that wasn't quite what they meant by 'as long as we wanted'.

Chris took us on a farm tour the first morning which the adults (and Daphne) found really interesting but the kids, who knew about all the other activities on offer, found a little less so!

This was followed by the unveiling of THE QUAD BIKES. Pretty much ever since then, the request from the kids has been, "Can we ride the quad bikes now?" After a couple of sessions with mum and dad doing the driving, Pip and Will have been taking themselves in circuits round the house.

Sal's concerns with this arrangement were somewhat justified this morning when Pip managed to tip the larger quad bike over (at low speed) on top of her leg. A fair bit of distress (for all three kids) followed. I (Ben) was the only adult home at the time, and after intitially considering that Pip would probably be okay, I gave some more thought to the weight of the bike and decided that perhaps a medical opinion was in order! So we took the forty minute drive into Maryborough.

Thankfully, after our three hour wait, it was confirmed to be some bruising and muscle soreness, with no bone damage or other serious concerns. Pip has limped around for the remainder of the day in quite good spirits.

Our time here has also involved horse riding on Gypsy the pony (whose getting on in years) ...

... tractor riding ...

... campfire lunch ...

... and even wetting a line in the dam.

On top of all this we've been wonderfully well fed, enjoyed terrific company and, of course, cheered Queensland to a heart-warming win. Sal has also made some progress on a couple of sewing projects, one of which she started with the help of Ros over ten years ago!

We're moving on tomorrow, hoping to get to Cairns by next Monday or Tuesday, not exactly sure where we'll stop along the way. It's kind of exciting to be trying the spontaneous, unplanned thing, although we're not sure that either of us (or the kids) are very good at it, so it'll be interesting to see how we go ...

It's pretty tough to move on from here - we'll have to keep reminding ourselves that the whole trip won't be this cruisy. Great to know that Chris and Ros are only four hours from Brisbane and I'm sure we'll call in again.

(Apologies if there are any issues with this entry - Sal and I are still finding our way around using the website. Any feedback in this regard would be helpful!)

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