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Warm up

A bit over, I'm gonna fall

Yep gonna fall

In the surf shack

I had to go back to Lancelin. After my disastrous session at Scarborough a fortnight ago I realised I needed some more lessons. And what better place than where I first learnt to surf, or tried anyway.

Another fantastic day in the sea trying to catch waves, getting wiped out and laughing and cheering on fellow learners. I met a great crowd this weekend especially Mike a Perth resident and the hilarious Sarah and Laura from up north in Cumbria. Oh man these girls were so funny and even better they loved to clean, what a combination. Us boys were waited on hand and foot and the girls wouldn't let us do the washing up as they wanted to feel like the place was clean. No arguments here.

Today I got back into the swing of things, learnt my stance and tried to understand the art of wave picking and generally started improving on what I already knew. A great day was had by all and we continued that theme into the night as us surfers were abandoned by the teachers and left to fend for ourselves in the surf house. Plenty of laughs were had, stories were swapped and we looked forward to what Sunday would bring.

Day 154 complete

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