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Alabama, here we come!

Working on the bridges here

These are the very long bridge beams

This is a VERY nice tent!

The side view

And it's even air conditioned!

This is their dining tent. They really had a nice setup.

Nellie checking out the new neighborhood

And this is the little raccoon and cat we saw in our...

Off we go, into the wild blue yonder....well, not exactly. More like, "Off we go, along the long, smooth highway".....and many of the miles we traveled today were nice and smooth. Took Rte 49 north from Gulfport and then a short job on 98 west to meet up with I-59 that brought us up to SR 80 East into Demopolis and here we are, about 4 1/2 hours later (had to stop at the Alabama Welcome Center for a geocache), all set up at the Foscue Lake Corps of Engineers Park...$10 a night and it's beautiful here. We have a nice level paved pull-thru site about 70' from the lake. We stayed here in 2010 right across from where we are now but the water was really low then.

I took Nellie and Taco out for a walk this evening after the day had cooled down a bit and on the way back to the Ti, we spied a turtle in the driveway of one of the campsites. Well, Nellie was hilarious with this thing! When it saw us, it turned around and went under the car there and Nellie was creeping along to see where it went. She got her tail all bushed up but she wouldn't get closer than 5' to it. After it finally headed back into the woods, we came on home but she'd stop after every 3rd step and look back to see where it was and whether it was following her. Silly cat.

Nellie likes to lie on the printer and look out my window at any birds that visit the bird feeder we put out. Well, there was only one red-winged blackbird that visited the feeder in Gulfport but I think we'll get a lot of birds here since there are so many trees around.


Well, today certainly started off with a bang...actually more like a big "owweeee"! Nellie told me she would like me to put the bird feeder up outside "our" window so she could see all those characters that are always yelling at her (Yes, she does speak to me and yes, she's totally spoiled) so after feeding Sam and doing my other morning chores, I went out to the basement started to pull the shephard's crook out that the bird feeder hangs on when....OWWWEEE! My one fishing rod was in there and there was a shrimp lure on it and the hook was facing just the right direction and as I pulled the crook out, I also pulled my middle finger right over that hook and drove the hook right into it, well past the barb on it, too. Oh, pain and agony. I couldn't move. I was hooked (and I can certainly think of lots better things to get hooked on!). The only thing I could do was bang on the side of the Ti in hopes that Bob would wake up and come to my rescue which, thankfully, he eventually did. He got the scissors and cut the line so at least I could move even though the shrimp hook was still embedded into my finger. So off to the ER we go (GPS didn't find an Urgent Care Center nearby). About an hour and a half, 2 shots of lidocaine into my poor finger, and a tetanus shot later, I was free of the shrimp! And into the trash he went! Stopped at CVS for the antibiotics, got my geocache, and did some grocery shopping and that is the end of our excitement for the day. Whew!

I did want to say that we slept very well last night. No trains, planes OR automobiles, absolute quiet and very dark!


Yesterday Bob and I drove over to the locks on either the Black Warrior or Tombigbee River (don't know which one is the river that passes the campground) and this year we lucked out and got to watch a barge go through. You really don't get to see too much because you're not allowed to get closer than 50 yards to the locks and the walls are so high and there's such a difference in water levels, you get to see the barge come in, the gates close and then, slowly, the barge and the tow boat disappear as the water level drops. Oh well.

Then we drove down a dirt road to see if we could find the area we saw from the locks. This is the same dirt road we drove down in 2010 where we saw the 2 peacocks just strolling along. Well, God had another neat sight in mind for us today because as we passed a fenced in area where they keep some equipment, there was a young raccoon and a young teenage cat sitting together, watching us go by. That was so neat!! They were still there (someone had placed 3 piles of dry cat food there for them) when we came back. They were just so cute together.

Then today we heard sirens and I could see a rescue truck coming into the campground followed by an ambulance. And they came down our road. And they stopped right at the next door campsite!! The one lady next door, a nurse who is allergic to bee stings, got stung by one and didn't have her epi-pen with her so they had to call the ambulance to take her to the ER. Boy, that hospital is sure getting a lot of business from this campground this weekend. She came home about an hour later, feeling much better.


Tomorrow we leave for Ft. Payne, Alabama to a campground on top of the Lookout Mountains. See you there.

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