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Taking delivery of our new Dodge in Huston, TX

Today Larry got up at 4:30 a.m. in Denver, CO. to make a 7:30 flight to Houston. He arrived in Houston and was picked up at the airport by the Dodge salesman.

We spent most of the day with multiple phone calls and emails working out the glitches of purchasing, financing, registering and insuring a vehicle in one state under our LLC in another state. The dealership had to work with our credit union in Houston and the attorney firm that handles our LLC in Montana (who collects the MT registration fees & knowing how much needs to be collected, etc.) and our insurance broker in Texas.

Larry headed back to Arizona in the late afternoon and kept in touch with me over his new blue tooth capability in the truck. It worked out well with him telling me how he was doing and when he wanted to stop for the night and I needed to find him a motel. I was following him on our smart phone app so I could see where he would need to stop.

Larry ended the day around 9 p.m., still in Texas, and looking for an inexpensive place to spend the night in Ozona, TX. While still keeping contact on his new blue tooth phone in the truck, and me on the computer, I booked him into a Holiday Inn Express for some much needed sleep.

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