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When we went outdoors this morning we discovered that the “critters”, probably the deer, had attacked our bird feeders.

We had just replaced the old “Seed Feeder” which was mostly made of plastic, with a metal feeder. The Deer had managed to knock the old feeder down, breaking it into many pieces.

We imagined that the metal feeder would deter them. Ha!

No t only was our new metal bird feeder on the ground, along with about $4.00 worth of bird seed, but both of our hummingbird feeders were also on the ground.

We managed to repair the hummingbird feeders first, as the little hummingbirds hovered around us chattering and waiting for their morning breakfast. I then tackled the metal seed feeder, replacing the wire which attached it to the tree limb, and tried to straighten the, now out of kilter, body of the thing.

At this point we are back in business and feeding the birds. It was no consolation to us that Steve & Cathy, Pam & Dan, and Mike & Marian also lost their bird feeders.

We have decided that we will take them down at night, stashing them in the bed of the truck.

We enjoyed our coffee in the screened room before getting busy with the chores for the day (Remember the bird feeders).

Our weather was awesome once again so Marilyn & I spent nearly the entire morning outdoors.

Today is Marian’s birthday so we walked down to their Site to wish her a Happy Birthday.

Marilyn sat in the screened room and read her book while I relaxed with the computer on my lap.

We walked to the office and called our daughter on the phone.

We enjoyed a nice, long, visit with her and that was nice.

Steve & Cathy’s vacation is drawing rapidly to a close so we have a picnic planned, along with a drive up the Phantom Canyon Road to Cripple Creek, on Thursday.

Tomorrow we need to drive into Canon City to pick up my prescription at Walmart.

This evening we were invited to Jesse & Ginger’s Site for Cake & Ice Cream, in honor of Marian’s birthday.

Any time we spend in the company of our friends, is time well spent!

Another fine day in our retirement. Life is Good!

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