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Lovely desert around Quartzsite

Heading south to Yuma - see the traffic ahead?

Lots of Lettuce & Cabbage fields near Yuma & Winterhaven.

Picking the crops

Entering California near Yuma

Staying here for a couple days

Going back & forth between AZ & CA

Artistic depiction of Arizona (no not the McD's).

RV'ers boondocking in the desert near Yuma

Our entertainment in the Market Squarein Los Algodones MX

Colorful hand painted wares for sale.

Yuma Sunset

We left Quartzsite yesterday, heading south on Hwy 95 towards Yuma. We could see miles of traffic moving south before us through the desert. As we draw close to the Yuma area we are always amazed at the amount of desert that has been transformed by irrigation to be the winter fields of lettuce, cabbage and other produce.

Today we crossed into the little Mexican border town of Los Algodones where thousands of Snow Bird Americans and Canadians go for dental work, prescriptions and liquor, not to mention a multitude of colorful souvenir items that we don’t need.

We made our way to the Pharmacia we found to be the best last year, then went to the Optical Shop to have another pair of prescription sunglasses made. While waiting for the glasses, we enjoyed a couple beers and quesadillas in the café and watched the vendors. Some were painting objects with paper wads instead of brushes, one was playing indigenous music on a pan flue and selling his CD’s. The mood was festive in the square from the music and vendors and shoppers from Canada & northern states.

While in the Yuma area we visited two different flea markets, the Yuma Swap and the Yuma Marketplace, with better items than we saw in Quartzsite. We picked up lots of bargains – socks, a Hawaiian shirt, candy, pickled garlic and costume jewelry. I also caught up on a pile of laundry that had accumulated in Quartzsite, and we visited the Yuma Elks Lodge.

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