Larry & Cheryl's 2013 Travels travel blog

Vince & Hildy under the water tank

Shirley & Larry reuniting since 1962

Dinner with Williamsons & Hitzels

. . . and Hitzel & Cooleys

Oh boy, we need one of these wild boars

Or maybe a few metal cacti

Lots of colorful vendors around town

Clouds moving in over the RV'ers in the desert

A little visitor to our campsite

They lite the candle to heat the air

. . . and up it goes

Up . . . Up . . . and away, into the...

Sitting around the campfire watching the paper balloons.

We have been enjoying the RV Show and the regular flea markets in town. When we went to the RV show the first morning, when it is the most crowded, we immediately made connection with Larry’s Grammar School classmate, Shirley, in the RV Show tent. She recognized him immediately from his Facebook photos.

We met up with other RV’ing friends that were parked farther out in the desert and we also met to have dinner in the very popular Silly Al’s Pizza.

One of the nights sitting around the campfire, Gene brought out something that we have been watching every night after dark in other areas around us. . . paper hot air balloons lit & lifted by the heat of little candles. They float up into the night darkness looking like UFO’s from a distance. We were mesmerized watching them until they were too high or the flame went out.

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