Larry & Cheryl's 2013 Travels travel blog

Going down to Indio, Snow on San Gorgonio

Another lovely sunset in Indio

The weather was indeed better, albeit still chilly in the mornings, with frost on the grass every morning.

We enjoyed visiting with our Idaho friends, Mike & Connie and some of the other RVers at Indian Waters Resort that we have come know over the years.

We had the furnace & kitchen faucet repaired, but we had another stressful repair to be done, the handle of our sewer drain. Just like a house, there is ALWAYS something to fix.

While here, Larry made friends on Faceboook with one of his grammar school classmates from Eastgate Washington, and made plans to meet with her and her husband (also full time RV’rs) at Quartzsite. We love finding friends on Facebook.

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