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The Rhine has very few bridges across so today we took one of the many car ferries to the other side of the river. At least this side the railway did not run right beside the river but behind the various villages. We headed up the hill to the area called the Loreley a giant rock outcrop where according to legends an alluring siren sat combing her blonde hair and bewitching sailors. They would be lured to their deaths in the awkward currents on the Rhine.

When we got up there we realised the outcrop was used for rock festivals and guess what there had been one the day before so it was almost impossible to get to the view point. We went instead to another viewpoint further back which was called the “three castle viewpoint and it certainly had splendid views of three castles although one was a long way in the distance.

From there we made our way through the hilly landscape to Rudesheim. It was completely packed with tourists. In fact the Drosselgasse, a narrow lane leading up from the river people were having problems moving. We found the market square and the mechanical music museum before we decided to head back along the river to Kaub where we crossed back to the other side and headed back to base.

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