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Oh man, today did not turn out as expected! We started out in Tours, where Eric gave us a nice walking tour. Only bad thing was the rain. The tour was kind of boring to me actually, but I did like being able to get a good feel for the city. It seems like most French cities I visit, I can tell right away whether or not I love it. Today I felt like I love it. I think Tours is a place I could spend a very long time. The clouds and rain made it seem a little boring, but I think with a little bit of sunshine it would be fantastic! For lunchl Eric gave us about 90 minutes. He recommended going to this one restaurant at the end of the street, and he siad it would only take 30 minutes if we chose this place. So, we did.

We got there with an hour to spare. Well, so did everyone else in our big group, thanks to Eric's suggestion. Eric was at the restaurant and getting nervous we wouldn't all get out on time, so he came over to our table and told us we should all order from the daily specials menu so we couod get out faster. K, fine, no problem. The waitor came over to take our order, and when I told him we didn't yet know the specials and asked to see them, he went and got the chalkboard menu from the front of the restaurant and plopped it in front of our table. It was hilarious.

After a while, Kiana came over to our table (since she and two others were eating separately... got there way before us) and said she was scared. Of what? Scared that Eric was going to be mad that they ordered pizza, which might take a while to make, which might make them late for the bus. I told her not to worry but she was legitimately scared. Once she gave in and went back to her table, she came back right away to say her pizza came. Problem solved!

We got our food 15 minutes before we had to leave. Talk about fast food!

The next bus ride was with our day tour guide, Anabelle. She took us first to the Chenonceau castle. I love this castle! It rained a bit on the way out, and by now most of us were pretty darn damp from the morning's events. Next we were off to the Amboise castle. Oh wow. We got out of the bus and walked to the castle, and about 2 minutes into our walk it downpoured. I mean reeeeeally downpoured. Rain was flooding into our feet, and my jeans were soaking wet past my knees. It was so uncomfortable. At the end of the tour, we stepped outside and it was shining sun! Surprisingly, our pants dried almost completely.

Dinner was in a cave. We had sausage and potatoes with some kind of apple tarte or something for dessert. Candles were even lit on our tables! Dinner by candle light with my favorite people. Heaven.

Tomorrow we will be in Paris!

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