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Low tide.

Low tide visitor.

The campground from the beach. You can see our rig.

Rincon Parkway. True roadside camping.

Local good looking California girl. Notice the tan.

Spent the day around the campground, beaching it. Early in the morning watched kids explore the tide pools at low tide discovering crabs and star fish. Then walked along the beach for about an hour. Sitting at the table at lunch we watched a pod of dolphins swim by about 200 m off shore. After lunch we packed the beach chairs and umbrella and headed to the beach to watch the people surf and play in the water. Some wear wet suits others don't. The water is cool. A beautiful sunny day. We decided to try the local harbour restaurant for dinner, Unfortunately my shellfish allergy stopped us. They used the same oil to deep fry all foods and the same grills to cook all the food. Oh well. Tried another that served tacos and found out the same thing. Plan C. Bought a cooked chicken at the grocery store and went back to the campground for a late dinner. This is the first time I have not been able to find something to eat in a restaurant. Still a great day at the beach.

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