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colectivo full of old Chileans and us

bye chile



and for the last time, no im not in the bloody militaria!

hello again peru our old friend

the old guy who didnt snore like lou, nope, not one bit.....

Not much to a collectivo in the morning with 3 old Chileans, one of whom taught Lou what her snoring sounds like....we pissed ourselves for half an hour after she said I don't sound like that do I? And I looked at my hands and goes ummm no? Actually that's exactly what you sound like. We proceeded to howl the rest of the way thru the border to tacna, the driver and 2 other old buggers must have wondered about our mental states. I've an excuse....1 I'm bona fide cracked and 2 I'd been listening to that for the last 5 weeks! So we get to the Chilean border (more cracks about the militaria) get out of Chile and laugh all the way thru the peruvian border and to tacna next to this snoring dude. Once in tacna we just jumped straight on a bus (kill me now, god I hate bloody buses! And if the scenery wasn't so bloody monotonous it might help) to the lovely Arequipa. Yay!

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