trippin out travel blog

another checkpoint, not even a border

pretty much all u see drivin thru chile

endless boring miles of it

makin a quick peso juggling at the red lights....pretty common sight

their 'beautiful' beach

yeah so we decided not to stay for another day


didnt even realise it was me in this til lou said

pretty much all you wanna do n arica


we did get a good munch and yummy buns there tho

Wed hoped the beach in arica might be a bit note what we were lookin for, but sadly no. Iquique was better. Our wee hostel dude was very nice and helpful but I wanted to kill most of the noisy inconsiderate other hostel stayers. We thought about station another night for some beach time but the wind was pretty chilly, then we saw the beach (dump) and town centre (dump) so we managed to score a nice feed, good juice (bilz) and some yummy buns then buggered right off back across the border to Peru the next day.

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