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All roads lead to Wal-Mart

John's son, Jason and his girlfriend, Julie

Father and son

Jake, our grand-dog.

used to be a house, now it is a home in Enumclaw....

This used to be a Bed & Breakfast. Isn't it lovely?

Downtown Enumclaw

A tribute the logging community.

A beautiful design

Another view.

I love this stone chair.

A lovely tribute to our Veterans.

The river near Enumclaw

The Puyallup River

Kelly and Alex's townhouse...so cute.

John asked me what this was while we were in the super...

A view of Puget Sound from the hills of Federal Way

Huge fake flowers in Hobby Lobby. They would definitely make a statement.

I had Kelly’s car today so it was time to see the old town. It was strange driving a car after the truck for 1 ½ years. Three things I found out. For one, you don’t need to put that much pressure on the brake pedal…I almost put myself through the windshield. Touchy! Two, the turning radius on a car is much shorter than on a truck. No damage done. Three, when you step on the gas you soar forward pretty quick. I learned to use a lighter touch after almost hitting the car in front of me a couple times. There is one nice thing about the truck, however, you can see over the cars much better to see what is in front of you. It was fun….

I drove into our old neighborhood and was sad to see that the street has deteriorated quite a bit. It was a middle-class housing development that was built in 1955. The homes and yards are shabby looking as well as the numerous cars parked on the street and in driveways.

What about our house? The yard is overgrown, the driveway is in disrepair and there was an incredible sadness about it. I do not know how many owners that house has been a dream home for. We lived there for 18 years. I purchased it myself as a single mom when my youngest was 16 years old. I remember being so excited and proud that I could become a homeowner. Through the years I made many interior changes, planted many plants (not the best of green thumbs…either of them) and John built a wonderful arbor in the backyard, a flagstone walkway in the front as well as removed carpet to expose the hardwood floors, remodeling both bathrooms and other necessary repairs that comes with home ownership. We put a lot of love into that house. But, the open road was calling us and since we were retired and didn’t want the responsibilities of a home…we sold it. What did I find out today? Sometimes you cannot go home again.

John comes back with Toby tomorrow. I have really missed him and look forward seeing some more sights of our old stomping grounds.

Some entirely useless information:

Donald Duck was banned in Finland because he doesn’t wear pants.

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