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The Museum of Glass in Tacoma

Ship tied up at the dock at the Port of Tacoma

Coming down the hill from Tacoma looking at Puget Sound

Washington's great attraction - Mount Rainier

Cute car, huh?

View of downtown Tacoma

Crossing the bridge.

Amtrak whizzing past us.

Sail boat on the Sound

Looking out the window at the dock.

Patio at the restaurant.

Kelly & Alex...cute, aren't they?

More of Puget Sound

Flowers at the outdoor market.

Yummy veggies.

The asparagus stalks were huge.


The view outside Chris's kitchen.

Beautiful fountain outside

Alex, Kelly & Nathan

Mom and son.

Dad and son

Ryan (Kelly's brother), Alex and Nathan.

Guy and his girlfriend, Debbie.

Yes, it has been a while since I have been on the journal. I appreciate that some of you miss hearing from us, and we thank you.

We have been with our children (the ones in Washington State) since Thursday and have been in “pig heaven”. We have had such a great time that I have been kind of lazy about getting on the journal…cause I am pooped at night and the mind goes blank. Does that count as a good excuse?

We are staying at my son, Alex and his wife, Kelly’s home. It is a neat townhouse with cute décor. We spent the evening we arrived on Thursday chatting as we haven’t seen them in a year. Hard to believe it has been that long. We really miss the kids in this life. It is the main thing that makes traveling around very difficult. My son says most kids leave home, but in our case the parents left. Haha.

We had to see our tax lady and were trembling with fear, as we always do when we see her. Not cause she is scary, just what she may say is scary. Good news..money back. yeah! Then off to Kelly & Alex's who took us for dinner to T.S. Shenanigans in Tacoma on the waterfront. Martini's and apps. Oh, yeah.

Saturday night we had dinner at my friend, Chris’s house with her son, Guy and his girlfriend, Debby. John’s son Nathan came down to visit so he, Kelly & Alex came with us. We had a great dinner, lots of talking, eating, drinking…not a bad way to spend the evening, with our kids and old friends.

Sunday John’s other son Jason and his girlfriend, Julie came by to visit while Kelly & Alex had a pre-arranged party to attend. Oh, it was such fun catching up with their lives. We are having dinner with them on Saturday, after we have lunch with our good friend’s Jack & Jeanine. Whew…we are eating our way through Washington!!

The weather here has been perfect. In the 70’s, comfortable, sunny and clear. I think every time we have come up it rained, so this was a surprise…a very pleasant one to be exact. But, it is supposed to rain tomorrow..oh, no!!!

Toby and Alex’s dog, Jake had a hard time getting to know each other …well, Toby, actually. He is such a little bully. Now, after a few days and Jake looking at him saying “I can eat you in one bite”, they are finally living well together.

Today we went to Dianne & Phil Lyman’s in Enumclaw for lunch. We all used to work for United Airlines together, so we have a long history. We have been camping with them a few times in the last couple years and always have a great time. She made pulled pork sandwiches, Cole slaw and delish brownie cookie bites. Yum! We had a non-stop chatter going on, and had so much fun…which is what we always do when we see them.

Tonight, Alex made teriyaki chicken and rice….oh, my Gosh…food, food and more food. Oh, did I mention we have 3 different types of ice cream for dessert? No? Must have been an oversight.

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