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Aahhh! 20 km and 20 degrees....Nejera in the early morning brilliant sun is very pretty. The cathedral is built into a cave in the rock wall. In the bright sunshine one can see why the area produces most of the wine in Spain . The Camino through the vineyards defies description. There are not enough words for green in the 3 languages I am working with here to do it justice. It is a wonderful sunny day of walking. Songs from "The Sound of Music" and "The Wizard of Oz" intrude on my thoughts. Today we stroll with the 2girls from London and a young limping lady from Limerick, Ireland -I want to tape up her feet and apply sunscreen to her pink/white arms but she seems very cheerful nonetheless. 2 sights often greet us on the way- either a hilltop circular village of red and white brick and stone looms on the horizon or we spy the top of a pointed spire over the rise of a round green hill. Either way we know that if we aim our tired legs towards La Iglesia we will find the plaza with it' s shady places to sit, the cafe, the medieval fountain, and of course the bar!! A glass of fine vino tinto in our destination of Santo Domingo today costs 75 Cents. (Or so I hear...haha). Santo Domingo de la Calzada is one of those very special towns along the "way" where one walks around with the jaw dropped open, tryIng to absorb the history. The wonderful legend of the town is that Santo Domingo saved the life of an innocent man who was on the gallows. His parents told the priest that the miracle occurred ...the priest said" he is no more alive than these chickens in my soup" , whereupon the chickens came alive and crowed! To this day 2 chickens are kept in the cathedral at all times. The extra chickens are kept in a noisy coop behind our albergue for the night, so we expect to get an early wake up call tomorrow....We are enjoying the plaza with representatives from Ottawa, Holland, Italy and Colorado this evening, and Doug is happily snapping pics of the beautiful children playing with balloons....

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