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Marilyn & I shared a fine start to this morning.

We were outdoors sitting beside a nice campfire, sipping hot coffee. The only sounds in the early morning stillness were the birds greeting the day with a song.

The smell of pines was in the air, and we had a very real feeling of peace and contentment.

That feeling of being totally content, with peace of mind and no agenda is not completely rare in our lives, but it is not uncommon.

We finished our coffee and then Marilyn went back inside to fix breakfast while I dumped the holding tanks.

After that chore was complete, I washed up, then made the bed, before going back outdoors, where Marilyn was serving breakfast at the picnic table.

What a great way to begin our day!

After lunch we drove Ken & Jean to the airport in the Springs. Ken is heading off to work but will be back next week.

Speaking of next week, we are looking forward to the arrival of our friends, Steve & Cathy, who will be staying for two weeks.

We know that one activity while they are here will be a fish fry, with some delicious catfish.

After we dropped our friends off at the airport, we made a stop at Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick up a couple of pillows, then made another stop, this time at the grocery store to pick up some supplies. We plan to spend most of our time here at the Campground and not running around. We have seen and done nearly all of the touristy stuff and look forward to spending lots of time just chilling and enjoying life.

We do have an outing planned for tomorrow. Mass in Old Colorado City and then lunch with friends at Pizzeria Rustica.

Tonight however, is the ice cream social so I can get my ice cream fix. We will try to call our daughter while we are at the office.

Life is Good!

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