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It was another awesome day beginning with clear skies and cool temperatures.

After our morning coffee was finished off, we began on the morning chores.

Marilyn helped me make the bed, then I went outdoors to start moving some things around.

We took the picnic table out of the screened room and put a smaller table in there, along with two lounge chairs two small tables and one other chair. It is now set up as a sanctuary where we can sit comfortably with our readers, or sit with a small group of friends for a visit, protected from sun or rain.

I then cleaned the windows on the RV and installed the sunscreen over the rear window.

We managed to get visits with Mike & Marian, Ken & Jean, and Ginger, before sharing a nice lunch.

In the afternoon, the clouds appeared, darkened, and then it poured rain, accompanied by lots of lightning and thunder. This is pretty normal as we often get a shower for a few minutes each afternoon. The shower this afternoon lasted about 30 minutes, before the sky cleared some with lots of blue showing through the clouds.

We took showers and then I made a small shaker of Margaritas.

We took two glasses with ice cubes and joined our friends at 5:00, for a Happy Hour gathering hosted by Mike & Marian.

Ginger had to work but Jesse joined us. Chris was also working but stopped to chat for a few minutes. Marilyn & Marian took a plate of food to the office for Ginger since she had to work ‘til 9:00 PM.

There was good food, cold drinks, and lots of good company. Laughter and fun was the order of the day.

So another day in the mountains drifted slowly to a close. We look forward to another fine day tomorrow. Life is Good!

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