Manheimer family moves to Cambodia travel blog

We have a departure date - July 27, Adrienne's birthday. She's not too happy but it did buy all of us a bit more time for all that's important than the midweek departure would have. Important being relative; for the kids it's more time with their friends, for me it's more time with friends AND more time to get through the endless to-do list.

I would like to answer one of the most common questions being asked of me "Are you ready to go yet?" A well meaning question I know, but to me the answer is obvious. Getting out of town ain't easy - especially for a multi-year stint. I will be "ready" at SFO on day of departure when I can no longer access the mailbox or make use of my cell phone. I'm sure I'll be preparing until that moment. (On a deeper level, emotionally I am feeling very ready to go.)

More to come....


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