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This is the mechanic's frog - An Amazon Sun Toad

And this is the butterfly (don't know the name) he eats!

This was in front of the restaurant (he's sitting on a cheeseburger!)

The front

This one is in front of Sonic. Notice the roller skates.

My goodness, today was a bit of a challenge on our way to Rayne (Duson), Louisiana. We started off at 11:00 a.m. in bright sunshine and a nice scenic drive along TX-146 on our way to I-10...pass Kemah (a resort area) and along the Houston ship channel...but when we crossed into Louisiana on I-10, there were dark skies ahead...and the further we went, the darker it got!! Spooky! And then the rains came, nice and gentle at first but then someone opened the floodgates and it poured!! We put the emergency flashers on and slowed to about 30 mph and pressed on. Visibility was really not too great, either. Even the big trucks were creeping along for about 30 minutes then the rains slowed only to start up again 10 minutes later and continue until we were about 10 miles from our campground. Oh, and the lightening shows!! They were magnificent!! The land is flat here and we saw big bright streaks from the skies to the ground. Bob tried to get some pics of them but the camera just wasn't quick enough. Thankfully, it was just drizzling while we were setting up in the Frog City RV Park, the campground we stayed at on the way to Houston.

Thank you, God, for taking care of us during this rainy drive today. And thank you for stopping the rain completely so I could go out for my cache-of-the-day in Rayne today.

Speaking of the cache, it was near the St. Joseph Cemetery and boy, do they pack the people in there!! Here is some interesting history about the Cemetery.

St. Joseph Cemetery

Information from the book ONLY IN LOUISIANA

By Keith Odom

The first thing that strikes you about St. Joseph Cemetery in Rayne is its immaculate upkeep. Though obviously a mature cemetery, with interments dating from the mid-1800’s, it is aging gracefully. Above ground vaults are glistening white, and patches of greenery between them are scrupulously clipped. The bell tower at nearby St. Joseph Catholic Church rings the Angelus in celestial tones.

Only if you’re attuned to the sun, the shadow, and the time of day do you begin to feel something amiss, something you can’t quite put your finger on. Suddenly it dawns on you: the vaults are oriented north to south instead of east to west. Not northeast to southwest or northwest to southeast, but squarely north to south.

Religious custom in many parts of the world holds that the deceased must be buried with there feet to the east so that they can rise to meet Christ in Judgement Day. Studies have shown that Protestants in Louisiana adhere to this practice much more rigidly than Catholics. One researcher calculated that 90% of Louisiana Protestant cemeteries follow a strict feet to east orientation, while 13% of Louisiana Catholics cemeteries did so. No instances of perpendicular north south orientation were found, however. Tombs in Catholic cemeteries tend to be arranged according to convenience rather than religious conviction. No one is Rayne is sure what kind of “convenience” could have prompted the developers to arrange the tombs as they did.

Some say it was to facilitate drainage. Personnel in the rectory at St. Joseph’s say the tombs might Hve been deliberately positioned so as to face the front of the prior church building, which was at right angles to the present building. Others believe the original church contractors didn’t have a compass. Nothing in parish records gives any clues what transpired during construction. This cemetery was once featured in Ripley’s Believe It or Not! because of its idiosyncratic layout.

If you think you can solve the mystery, by all means drop by St. Joseph’s and take a look around.


We drove into Lafayette today to pick up two O2 tanks at Lincare. Boy, when are road builders going to learn that cement is not a good road surface. I'm just glad we didn't have the trailer along because the roads were so bumpy, everything would have been all over the place! And I surely don't know who engineered the highways because they seem to go every which way with some roads having to cross 4 to 6 lanes of intersecting highways with no aid of a traffic light! Challenging, to say the least!


As we were setting up Thursday, Bob noticed that one of the tires on the Ti had developed a bubble so today I went back to Lafayette (the roads were still bad!) to pick up the tire then I stopped for a couple of caches on my way home.

Called Good Sam Emergency Road service to have someone come out to change the tires but when I told them that whoever came would have to unmount the old tire and remount the new tire, they told me the fee for that would be about $130. Bob and I decided there had to be a cheaper option so we went next door to the garage at the truck stop and they came over and did it for $35. Quite a difference, eh? We just called GS back and told them to cancel their dispatch. Again, God was watching over us because less than 10 minutes after the fellow was done with the tire, the rains came again. Didn't pour as much as yesterday...and to tell the truth, it probably would have felt good working in the rain but there was lightening involved so it's just as good the job was done. The next 2 days are supposed to be rainy, too, so we might just stay here 'til Tuesday.


Since we've decided to stick around 'til Tuesday, I stopped at a garage in Rayne to make an appointment to have the oil changed. "Be here at 8 sharp tomorrow and we'll have you out in a half hour" said they. Sounds good to me because we are scheduled to leave tomorrow.


Up nice and early (for me) and down to garage by 7:45 a.m. Only one there. First in line. Great.

While they were changing the oil, I walked around and took pics of the frogs that were in the area. And I stopped at the truck stop next door and bought an atlas. And I talked to the woman at the garage about other frogs around town. She said there are over 100 frogs at businesses around Rayne. The one at the feed store is wearing a Purina checked shirt sitting on a bale of hay; a CPS had his frog "dressed" (painted) in a suit and sitting on a pile of ticker tape and another frog in front of a grocery store wore a butcher's apron and was sitting on a basket of groceries. The town actually gives the frogs to any business that wants one and the business can paint it, and the rock it sits on, any way they like. Really neat.

Well, as it happened, it took 1 1/2 hours to change the oil and I didn't get out of there until 9:30 and I still had to finish packing the house for the trip to our next stop! Would you believe, though, we left the campground at 10:10!! Not bad, even if I do say so myself.

So, here we to Gulfport, Mississippi!

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