Deb McClintock - Textile Equipment in Southeast Asia travel blog

Barbara Fraser

Michael Howard, spoke of storks as symbols

Roy Hamilton - great barkskirts

Vilpha Joshi

On the Mekong going to the Royal Residence

Second day of the Textile symposium, once again my brief impressions from each speakers talk:

David & Barbara Fraser - expanding twine possibilities to other cultures

Diane Meyers - Broad evidence of links to SE asia, considered Bhutan the western frontier

Michael Howard - Name of tree in design is what it is being used for (funeral, celebration)

Gillian Green - Manevolent spirits have returned to hinder the rhythm of life

Roy Hamilton - Found a process link from contemporary headcloth preparation to the barkskirts

Yilpha Joshi - Meanings have shifted from a powerful person cloth to an educated person's cloth.

After conference we rode up the river in a wooden boat to the Royal Residence. I wore my new silk outfit and my bluebonnet silk scarf. Excellent opportunity to sit and speak with people whose books I am familiar with. Overall worth the time to attend the conference in order to obtain an overview of the cultures, migrations, war tribute impact to better understand the region.

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