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John Guy

Susan Conway

Patricia Cheesman (her picture did not turn out...

Shaman dance example during Evening cocktails at Jim Thompson House

Below I share some ideas I gleanned from the speakers of the Textile Symposium, please refer to the web page for the Jim Thompson house for all of these speakers detailed credentails. It was a wide breadth of knowlege and ideas.

Robyn Maxwell - Idea of whether textiles are considered for use in life or death or trade.

John Guy - Power attributed to things from far away ...exotic locations in the culture.

Piriya Krairiskh - Example of bamboo strips used as the basis for creating color wrap for the warp (stripes) names such as rice field, one for you one for me for plaid and checks

Susan Conway - Tolerated pain was a symbol of manhood, not ready for marriage until tatooed. We are talking full body tattos here

Patricia Cheesman - Shaman wore skirts because wearing the skirt they became the ancestors.

Suriya Smutkupt - "under the sticky rise culture" referring to Issan culture

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