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Suan Pakkad Palace grounds, lovely and quiet

Detail on the Lacquer Pavilon - as beautiful on the inside

Sandra found a sidewalk shoemaker to repair her shoe, stitched up and done in 20 minutes for about $1

On to Suan Pakkad Palace,, beautiful grounds of home of Prince Chumbhot Paribatra. Comprised of grouping of Thai homes, each house holds different family antiques/collections, private chalpel with a collection of Buddhas. One of the houses contained my favorite exhibit, the Banchiang collection in the Chumbhot-Pantip Centre of Arts building. This prehistoric collection of painted pottery and bronze weapons is one of the earliest collections of painted pottery in southeast Asia.

My technical favorite were the carved rollers that were used to paint the pottery, toilet paper roll shaped rolls of clay or wood (but smaller) that were intricately carved to create the design - no more than 2 inches in diamater.

The other beautiful building was the Lacquer Pavilion, gold on black lacquer. Peaceful place.

Next took a taxi to Vimanmek, Teakwood Mansion, I wanted to show Sandra the antique textile collection in building 8. Observed that there were delicate warp threads in the weft mudmee panels. Wil need to keep an eye out in the village applications to see if this is still done. Some textiles missing, the most complex, not sure what has happened to them, still a great spot to visit to get an idea of older textile quality.

Attempted to visit the Teak Mansion itself but it was a madhouse, opted to skip the crowd and go back and complete our Textile Symposium registration. Also picked up our silk tailored shirts/pants and took skytrain back to the soi.

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