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Driving to Alamosa from Albuquerque



Snow on the mountains


Camels Rock saw this on route

Painted Bridges



Blue flowers along the road for miles


Entering Colorado we were here 7-8 years ago





Downtown Alamosa

The Cafe


Cedar Waxwing

These signs posted where we were walking today

Peaks Trail




Alamosa Wildlife Refuge




Bank Swallow

Yellow Headed Blackbird

Cinnamon Teal

American Robin

Rabbite running around the campground all the time

Saturday we drove to Alamosa in Colorado it was roughly a 4 hour journey, for once the journey was not on the interstates , quieter roads & lovely views along the way.

Where we are parked on the campground we can see the Sangre De Cristo Mountains they still have snow on the top although we were told it will be gone by July.

We drove into Alamosa to a book sale then called into the Colorado Welcome Centre to get everything we need for the rest of the trip.

We called into a café while in town for drinks & cake to find volunteers painting the walls quite comical really as most of them looked over 75, you would not be allowed to do this at home, serving food while decorating.

Sunday- we are 3.5 miles from Alamosa so another trip into town to walk around Alamosa Ranch & Open Space Wildlife Area, we started off on the Peak Trail of 3 miles but side tracked twice onto other trails ended up walking 5 miles this morning. Back to the RV for lunch then out again to Alamosa Wildlife Refuge and hiked a further 3.5 miles, we then did their auto tour of the park and this is where we saw the Yellow Headed Blackbird.

Not quite so warm here as the last state it is getting into the lower 80’s during the day but quite cold at night and early mornings, had to dig out the thicker duvet again.

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