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Our ride to Rabaul

Easy flight from Brisbane to Cairns. Flew over many patches of light blue – parts of the Great Barrier Reef. Cairns is clearly the tropics with many tropical plants and humidity. Got our stuff and had to walk (horrors!) to the international airport – about 300 yards. Got tickets and through customs to the boarding area. Prices… rather high. Alice got an egg salad sandwich for about $10 and a Sprite for $5.

One of the ATMs wouldn’t take my card so I had to go to the currency exchange – first from dollars to Australian dollars then to Guineas. Colorful money, all with a clear part to deter counterfeiting. Then we sat around for a bit waiting for our flight.

When it was announced we walked out onto the runway and boarded a Dash 80 – an old prop plane that still had ashtrays! (but no smoking). On our hour and 40 minute flight we were served a chicken and pasta lunch that was quite nice.

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